We seek to be a genuine community of the saints, that gather around the feet of Jesus and interact with Him and one another on a regular, often a daily basis, via the means of the internet and some actual face to face gatherings.

Community is the essence of being the body of Christ, and community is defined by Whom we gather around. We gather around Christ in genuine authentic community.

We are a diverse lot from a diversity of backgrounds and a diversity of not only our experience in Christ, but our journey of faith, not lived in a vacuum but in the crucible of life, in the high and the low places, in the well lit and the dark places of the soul, and in our homes, in our streets and in our schools and in the marketplace. We are in Christ and Christ is in us, and we dwell together with Him, and we seek greater communion in Him and desire a fuller expression of His life lived out through us. We call that the grace walk, walking out the Kingdom and giving the Kingdom of God away, releasing the life of Jesus in acts of kindness and mercy and love to those whom the Lord draws near to us.

Our prayer is one for the love of God to manifest among us and amongst those we are not only called into community with, be it in cyberspace or in our own physical communities, but also those whom the Lord has called us to release His life to, those who are not yet in the Kingdom.

We are not an organization. We are not a building made of wood or stone. We are not an organized fellowship. We have no pre-planned get togethers, crusades, healing meetings, or any such thing. We believe the church is the body of believers comprised of all those who are in genuine redemptive relationship with Christ and who have embraced the wholeness and life we have in Him and His atoning sacrifice through the indwelling Spirit of God.

We are genuine New Testament believers who gather from house to house in genuine relationship. We may gather in our homes, in the streets, in the marketplace, in schools, in appartments, in the park, in the pub, at McDonalds, at Chapters, or anywhere people meet and gather and experience life, and share their life in Christ together, this is the church, and this is who we are as the body of Christ gathered in community.

Why not join in and share your life in Christ, with those who seek to know Jesus more and love Him more and love those whom He loves as He empowers us to love and express grace and truth to one another?